Telephone Consultation Program



Sometimes dog owners need help with just a couple of behaviors that the dog has not changed despite all efforts. Our 45 – 60 MINUTE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION has helped many people who live too far to come for a visit as well as those who need help with just a couple of behaviors that the dog has not changed despite all efforts. Owners get the  chance to understand why their specific training attempts have failed and the concise way of correcting nuisance behaviors.

Stein-Way Dog Training® has been complimented on our practical Real Life Approach that incorporates normal family living routines and commendable dog behavior all from the comfort of your home telephone.

Linda Stein of Stein-Way Dog Training® has trained over 7,000 dogs in 25 years with an emphasis on home manners. The “Telephone Consultation Program” is designed for people who want to stop annoying dog behaviors without having to attend the three hour class. Ms. Stein explains “people know how to get a dog to sit, but not stay sitting. The dog and owner end up exasperated. The information I give people about how dogs think is very straightforward. You can train your dog without yelling, hitting, bribing or repeating commands.

Clients are always surprised that their dog improves so quickly without hours of practice. It works because we provide precise information about the dog owner’s particular home training situation that are not taught in the books or videos. I explain the simple way to fit their dog’s learning into a busy home life.

We also clarify previous training mistakes which confuse the dog. They give up on the owner. A mistake like that can completely frustrate the dog and human. People understand the recommendations over the telephone, apply them at home and experience improved dog manners in a week!

After the consultation program, clients report afterward, “I knew my dog was smart, I just didn’t know how I was confusing him.”

“She chews my shoes!” “He runs away!”

Does Your Dog Do this:

  • Jump on the family
  • Jump on company
  • Jump on furniture
  • Destructive chewing
  • Steal food
  • Nip on hands and feet
  • Barks or cries excessively
  • Not protective enough
  • Messes in the house
  • Doesn’t signal to go out
  • Too Slow to go to the bathroom outside
  • Messes in the house right after being outside
  • Runs out the door
  • Not trustworthy in the house
  • Not calm enough in the house
  • Bothers the children
  • Digs outside
  • Yelling commands required
  • Pulls on the leash
  • Runs away outside
  • Doesn’t listen to the first command
  • Does not come when called

…Then call us about our Telephone Consultation Program!

Each consultation request includes customized written instructions sent to you via email, fax or US mail to insure your training success. One follow-up call is included at no charge if you desire.

Dogs Trained Successfully From A Distance!

Dear Linda, Just a short note to tell you how pleased we were with your training instructions. Getting two puppies back to back was a little crazy on our part but we didn’t plan it that way. I felt we had to have the first one housebroken before we could get another puppy so when I saw your ad I thought I’d give you a call. Your telephone instructions were “right on”. Our Anja was housebroken in six days. I couldn’t believe it.

Thanks again,
Greta Mack
Spring Hill, NY

“After becoming frustrated trying to reach a conclusion as to why my recently adopted dog (Murphy) would not eliminate in the yard, I telephone Linda (skeptically) to find out her suggestions. I explained our dog would “hold it” for 20 hours at a time, be left outdoors, sniff all over, come back indoors, then eliminate in the house. This was occurring on a daily basis and he would only “do his doggies business” when taken for a walk outside of his territory. I was beside myself and ready to send him back to the shelter. Thankfully, with a 30-minute telephone consultation with Linda, my hair is still on my head and Murphy is still a big part of our family. I can’t express how elated we were when Murphy ultimately eliminated outdoors, in his yard. It was an exciting moment for all of us and the neighbors must have thought we had won the lottery. The best part of the Stein-Way training is that it continues to work. Now, eight months later, each time Murphy is let out and told to “go to his spot”, within two minutes (no more) he has eliminated, raced back to the door for some praise and .. There Is No Clean Up!.”

Cheryl Durling
Owner of Murphy