Separation Anxiety

separationThough, a small percentage of dogs can be so anxious about separation when their owner is away from home that they will severely injure themselves by gnawing at a paw or chewing to the point of bleeding or pounding relentlessly against a confinement. For these dogs it is fortunate that medication has recently been approved by the FDA and is available through your veterinarian. Stein-Way will work on behavior modification along with your veterinarian’s recommendations. However, our experience over 25 years is that most destruction and messing while you are away is often merely an escalation of disobedient behaviors that you’ll witness when you are home. Our guarantee includes your dog being trustworthy when you are not home.

Puppies and older dogs do not need to suffer “separation anxiety.” The Stein-Way Dog Training Method teaches them that you always come back through that door so they don’t need to chew or mess while you are away. We guarantee our work.