The Doggy Dont’s and Do’s

Dog Taking Boy Child for Walk

Doggy Dont’s


  • Within 4 days of visit dog is 100% clean in house
  • Within 8 days of visit dog barks to go outside
  • dog goes within 3 minutes of being outside on a command of “go-ahead”
  • dog goes in one area of yard for easy cleanup
  • No jumping on family, guests, furniture or counters, doors
  • No chewing or grabbing items (food, tissues, leashes, etc.)
  • No bolting out the door without permission
  • No running away outside
  • No pulling on leash
  • No excessive barking

Doggy Do’s

Your dog learns to respond to your commands immediately. At Stein-Way Dog Training we teach manners and obedience. This program develops dog/owner team-work. You’ll see immediate response to the following do’s and don’ts of good manners for the lifetime of the dog.
All of these on first command, no yelling, no bribing – even around distractions

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Lay Down
  • Door Training
  • Yard Training
  • House Breaking with Barking Signal

Once you understand the basic principles of Stein-Way Dog Training, you will be able to successfully handle your dog in all situations.

For 7-10 days after your visit here, you will let your dog know in your normal work/play routines that what you learned here, you will also enforce at home. After that, there should be no need to practice with your dog.


housebrkThis program remedies the problem of a dog who continues messing in the house or cage in spite of the efforts being made at home.

*Dogs can be trained to use newspaper or litter box if the owner prefers because of dog size or owner’s lifestyle.