Are you wondering if the training really lasts? Are you concerned that you don’t have the time? Is your dog the wrong age? The following quotes are taken from clients who volunteered to do 60 second radio testimonials knowing that many people feel skeptical about 1 visit changing behavior permanently.

“You came highly recommended, Linda. To this day, Rocky, our 2 year old boxer, does not run out when the door is opened until given permission with the “OK” command. He remembers the training we did a year ago. As the owner of 2 Stein-Way trained dogs, I highly recommend Stein-Way Dog Training. I truly enjoy my dogs and it was well worth the trip.”

“I have found that the method and techniques that we learned from you were very easy to incorporate into the limited time we have together in the evenings.”

“Our dogs are welcomed just about anywhere we go. We’ve even taken them to street fairs and house parties. They behave at home when we have company, at the vet and when we’re just out walking.”

Andrea Catera
Owner of 2 Stein-Way trained dogs

“We walked in with her pulling on the leash and she left walking like a perfect lady. My husband was a skeptic so I made him come along and he couldn’t believe it because it was him she was pulling into the session. The owners get trained right along with the dog… I’d never seen my dog act that well before”

Owner of Gucci
mixed 3 yr. old spaniel

“He took me for walks. He was a good natured dog. I liked him but I wasn’t very happy with him and I don’t think he was very happy with me. When I left there I had all the commands, not just Linda. He is a happier dog and I can certainly say, I am a happier owner. Recommend Stein-Way? Absolutely, unequivocally, completely”

Mike Gorner
Owner of Pete
2 yr. old pit bull

Some children enjoy the
hobby of dog training

“We adopted her. She was totally out of control. We couldn’t walk her or make her obey. Within 2 hours I felt I has total control of the dog. I was absolutely surprised, shocked. My husband was amazed. Anyone who has any type of dog, I would recommend to take the training. They are much happier dogs.”

Owner of Shawnee
18 mo. old Golden Retriever

“Basically he was just totally undisciplined. He was a 9 month old stray. Difficulty with jumping, walking, everything…What we learned was to teach him who was the boss. By the time we left he was obeying and that same night, he was walking properly he was not jumping, he was doing all the basic commands that very first night. I think the main reason is the one-on-one approach. I would recommend Stein-Way to anybody”

Carol Markley
Owner of Barkly