People are surprised to learn
that dogs as young as 8 weeks
old can learn to concentrate
and obey and still frolic and
play as puppies.
We use plenty of petting and
praise in our one visit method.

Most clients arrive feeling skeptical that one visit can change a situation that they’ve repeatedly tried to fix at home. We remind them of the plumber who fixes the ice machine in minutes when you’ve been tampering with the darn thing for months. IT’S KNOWING THE RIGHT WAY!

Other people are worried that they themselves will not be able to learn and remember everything. We understand that dog training is only half the business. We teach people the way they learn best: hands on, Written materials, pictures, demonstration, patient explanation and even some humor. Remember, we have also taught the 8,500 people that accompanied their dogs over the last 25 years.

Another concern we hear is that a private lesson will not address distractions that a pet dog commonly encounters. YOUR DOG WILL LISTEN WITH DISTRACTIONS AT THE END WITHOUT THE TRAINER PRESENT OR THERE IS NO CHARGE.

If you’re skeptical, come anyway. Let’s make a bargain. If we can do what we claim, you give out a few of our business cards to others who feel just as skeptical. Remind them of Stein-Way’s 25 year promise. “Your Dog Obeys or You Don’t Pay !”

Andee Stein
Owner/Trainer Stein-Way Dog Training

Linda Stein
Founder/Trainer Stein-Way Dog Training