Entrepreneur Barks Up the Right Tree

Published in The Times Herald Record
By Sandy Larson

Entrepreneur Linda Stein serves what you could call a canine clientele. That is because she operates a dog-training school from her home in Goshen, New York. Founder of Stein-Way Dog Training®, Linda has worked with more than 6,000 dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. She has over 25 years of experience and attributes her 96 percent success rate to her proprietary one-day, guaranteed training method. On her website, www.stein-way.com, her advertising motto reads, “Your Dog Obeys Or You Don’t Pay!®”

Unlike other dog training schools, which offer standardized instruction in large groups, Linda provides personalized one-on-one training. She sets herself apart from the competition by offering just one comprehensive course, as opposed to multiple training sessions. She comments, “Today’s dual income families have demanding schedules and prefer the convenience and results of attending a single, guaranteed, three-hour, one-on-one training session rather than the more common eight-week group classes.” Linda also starts training dogs at eight weeks, versus most schools, which start training dogs at 6 months.

Linda has separate training facility apart from her main house. She says this helps her prevent work from interfering with family activity. When she is not conducting lessons, she designs advertisements and arranges public appearances. She enjoys a flexible work schedule, one that allows her to spend ample time with her family and attend weekly art lessons.

In addition to running her home-based business, Linda writes articles on dog training and is often a guest speaker at organizations and seminars. She is also currently promoting Stein-Way Dog Training® franchise opportunities. She offers training for franchisees at her home and ongoing marketing and technical support.

Linda says that applying good business principles has allowed her to make a living doing something she loves. “I receive referrals from other animal professionals I respect, and word of mouth has spread so I am pretty well known as ‘the dog lady’ in the county,” comments Linda. “Happily, [my business] has allowed me time for my husband, family, friends, travel, and baking, so I’m also known as ‘the pie person’ around the holidays.”