By Linda Stein

As families merge and resettle within the American culture due to divorce or frequent changes of employment , changes in living circumstances arise. Pets are affected by this. They are moved in and out of arrangements where… Continue reading

Don’t Blame the Kids

By Linda Stein

After 19 years as a professional dog trainer, certain problems with dogs and kids occur again and again. The dog that was purchased to give the children the joy of a “best friend” to cuddle, confide in… Continue reading

Responsible Dog Ownership

By Linda Stein

Does your dog have a social life? There’s lots of choices for Mr. Rover or Ms. Spot these days: Running or walking alongside you on the Orange County Heritage Trail, participating in a fund raising event like… Continue reading

Training Shelter Dogs

By Linda Stein of Stein-Way Dog Training

stein way dog training Many people who choose shelter dogs are reluctant to train them because they believe it will be traumatic to the dog. Actually, when done correctly, without yelling, it gives the dog a… Continue reading